Commercial and Amatuer Antennas

Commercial and Amatuer Antennas

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C-Series Multi-Monoband Antenna Listing

The C-Series antennas are multiple monoband Yagi antennas stacked horizontally on a single boom and feed using FORCE 12’s patented open sleeve system, resulting in an antenna with essentially no loss. There are no traps to consume power, age, weather and provide homes for insects. Like all Force 12 antennas, The C-Series is designed for maximum performance.

The C-Series will show you how good small, efficient, non-trapped antennas can be.

  • No traps for no-loss and best efficiency
  • Simple, quick assembly and installation
  • Pre-aligned and mounted element-to-boom brackets
  • Low profile design for neatest appearance
  • Full size elements for optimum performance
  • All have 2” diameter booms
  • Forward-stagger design for enhanced performance
  • Pre-set tuning
  • Hardware for 1.25-2” masts; larger is available
  • 5KW rating on all models

C-3 $ 1,199.00
3-band Yagi, 7ele, 18' boom, 20-15-10

C-3E $ 1,289.00
3-band Yagi, 8ele, 18' boom, 20-15-10

C-3E/C $ 99.00
Convert C-3 to C-3E

**The Antenna's in the C-4 series  have been changed from the Linear Loading System to the Delta Coil System.  We still support these antenna's  but no longer manufacture new ones.

C-4 ** See Delta-4
4-band Yagi, 8ele, 18' boom, 40-20-15-10

C-4E ** See Delta-4E
4-band Yagi, 9ele, 18' boom, 40-20-15-10

C-4C **See Delta-4C
Converts C-3,C-3S, or C3SS to C-4, or C-4S

C-4XL **See Delta-4XL
4-band Yagi,  9el, 30' boom 2el40, 20-15-10

C-3S $ 1,069.00
3-band Yagi, 6ele, 12' boom, 20-15-10

C-4S **See Delta-4S
4-band Yagi, 7ele, 12' boom, 40-20-15-10

C-3SS $ 1,229.00
3-band Yagi, 6ele, 12' boom, 20-15-10
shortened 20 mtr elements to 24'


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